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About Our President

Humble beginnings…. My family and I migrated from Trinidad & Tobago in 1989 to Canada.  Like many immigrants in my position, I came to Canada to make a better life for my family. Working from the ground up I struggled with finding a position that was the right fit for me.  Quickly realizing that transportation and logistics was a fundamental requirement of our economy.  I began my journey to learn and understand international Logistics. Specializing in Ocean,  Rail and Trucking. Logistics became a passion that I had an insatiable appetite for.   KG International was founded out of necessity,  the necessity to assist North American businesses expand their sales to new reaches of the globe.   I take great pride in knowing KG International has grown, simply by the partnerships we have created over the decades.  Partnerships with businesses and Individuals who share the same values as we do,  Professionalism and Integrity.

Thank you for being an integral part of our continued success!

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Teju Ramnarine

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