Freight Service in Brampton

Advancement through Innovation in thinking.

Why are we special?

Understanding business and it’s intricacies, can only be appreciated by those who have first hand experience owning or operating there own establishment.  It takes the utmost attention and care to see a business venture through to fruition. We have established an organization that is rigid in the right places, and flexible when needed.  Understanding the inner working of our clients organization, enables KGi staff members to entrench themselves in the day – to – day operations of these companies.  Synergies are formed working in this manner, to the point where KGi staff can be considered your own.

The global market place demands non static thinking.  Formulating partnerships with like minded individuals and companies across the globe, enables KGi to work efficiently and productively.   Overcoming difficult obstacles to ensure your cargo gets to your clients is what we do best.   This business methodology has earned KGi and its employees accolades that very few intermediaries achieve.  KGi was recognized by the Canadian government as a invaluable trading partner, assisting Canadian businesses to pursuit markets well beyond the reach of just North American shores.

Forward thinking,  we are constantly working on new Ideas and business models in order to achieve further greatness.  This culture is transparent and is shown in the every day working environment at KGi.

Simply put we are the next step in logistics solutions.  Proudly owned and operated by individuals who care.


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